2 pieces

For Pagoda Lady

Soft and sullen ikebanas for the drenched in sun
pagoda lady

at the bottom of the well
sits her reflection
and looks up to the mirrored sky
like distant cherry breezes
everly admired…

stepping lightly on emperor’s garlands
of dragon sketches

giving birth to worlds countless
in tune
with white ink

can you jump into the well w/ your sandals
on fire…

can you count the ashes
of your former reflections
former mirrored skies
and japanese postcards…

Dead One

This here Kaufmann is a dead one
already feeding on his own corpse
50 years from now on
already observing the flesh
abandon its bone arcades
already sucking his eyes out
spiced with pepper
& crowned with olives:
now snails
of higher tasteforms…
this here Kaufmann is beer obnoxious
standing in a thunderbolt
drinking straight from the shower
standing in front of a word gun

already watching his dead dick dance
w/ worms
of fatal forgiveness

death’s orgasm’s death…
this Kaufmann likes extremities

this here Kaufmann’s
a frozen frame already
motion picture dead rat
50 years from now
checking in to the underworld Ritz
champagne and caviar included
poised and ready for bald ladies
of Charon
messing w/ fat cats on valium

how strange for the now-Kaufmann
to look at the dead one
and wonder:

how micesized are the life-important
dominoes of breath
the traps of coming and leaving…

so the now-Kaufmann sighs
and waits for no-one…

Copyright © 2008 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.