kitsch aboriginal supermarket masks
kitsch gasstation african drums
webbed in bubblegum white sitars
toyflutes coming straight from Kathmandu
Manufactury inc.
bearing all those petit faults of being
really made
in Tibet-strangling China

newspapers in new poorsick languages
of the doublethroated propaganda pigs
pseudodutch beer cheaper than
a box of matches sold in sixpacks
from under the dirtbag counter
Gravity’s Rainbow groupwork amalgamate
given away for free
at the supermarket gig of resurrected
Jambalaya Williams android
hindu love god pearls imitation
bluescovers on tapes by less-than-able
polish white seriously lost boys
who bought their hungarian guitars
at the price of one apple
somewhere in Prague
while chasing her bridging werewolves

that’s what we’ve come to
after thousands of years
of mindblock
corrosiviely wondrous
as this global value of art
becomes more and more dreary
despite all these
utopian new villages
& freedoms

Copyright © 2008 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.