“Barefootedly Free”


With a free-jazz finger I mock & distort the blade
of waves, storm tight-headed breakwaters
I degrade, staining, crushing the rocks of the ocean
with swift stream I illuminate the city
each tenement house
each cruel block
with a drunken stopper I plug up the abdomen of dawn
under my hair a screaming is heard
the voice of galaxies, suddenly thrown against the wall
hot beasts of philanthropy
confident of self, light-yeared
sacred calves
& on an April afternoon I weave into one with the roses
thoughtlessly squandered
for all the whims
of my inner woman
which should be satisfied with twentieth century chansons
carelessly thrown out of a hat
on a stage stinking with corpses
to the siren sounds of seizures
peripheral tramps
bobbing to a country-western rhythm
on the rocking chairs of trams, curbs, buses
carrying the twilight of gods
in paper bags anonymous,
fingerprinted scents of discordant guitars
coming semi-crowdedly from apartments below

I can still hear the ground floor cafe through the noise
& while I’m tempering the ocean
thrusting in my pencils of scatteredness
& impatience
cheap tricks of sunflower magic
I realize in the dirt
of a pissed on radiator
in the false starts of tomorrow’s newspapers
it was worth coming here to hear the dialog of windows
& attract, tame the clouds – be a dragon rider
on their faithful shoulders play the jester
just before the storm – huge drops have gathered
on the windowsill, they penetrate rust & the wall breaks down
cardboard scene-stage of bunglers – word-fearing
aides of the drag-queen-devil
& their great seer minds hurt me in my sock

Soon I’ll shake off the remnants of this plaster
pebbles, basilisks, unanimous flagship
fools – & I’ll go barefootedly free
straight into the moist, flickering glow of tomorrow

Copyright © 2012 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.