“Snowy Vamp (Jazz Thing)”


Bright on,
I’m lucky to have music
mostly earthbound anyway
wish it was nobler
had all answers in the yes lens
but most recently,
so little stays of me, never-to-be-forgotten
paid in advance, delivered with the unexpected
my hash pipe holds desertion – bus stops, stations
flushed with the whirl of leaves
earth’s mono-mental scope
soothes my nodding nerves
my soul must bow
observing grass
we’re in it guilty, together
understanding the moment
but missing the zeitgeist
grow, growing steadily
refusing obvious steps
knowing nothing is blessed
but the blessing, flaunting our moods
studying our eyes
in eternal bean-flavored basements
acting out
bohemian lords
with two simple expressions
one is an old thing – the tiresome, wrinkled face of a sailor
one is a sweet thing – the swinging unconscious sea
both scarred
looking for a quaint place
both marred
spitting into love’s face
in interrupted shyness
both into language
contingent from light year’s hair
falling on chairs, now empty, set up in the meadows
for a great family picnic
I’m glad I made the list
passed the gleams, picked everything I needed
using both up
both child green eggs, collared
principles, falling from piano chairs
like me, interrupted by the sudden
snowy vamp
leading into another
cocaine harmonized morning

Copyright © 2012 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.