“Oh the Rainbows!”


yowling and howling down the bowling crumbling
staircase of indecision
got that yesterday afternoon
still remembering August fiestas
under grilled sunlights of Avalon

but that was a cat’s paw memoir…

being reality’s ashcan

howling and yowling down the kitchen’s

still believing that another shaving
will punctuate my brain’s cliche
and make it work…

now to the bathroom

admiring women only these days
and their solitary velvet nostalgias
w/ overburnt fingertips
giving come-hither looks
crawl-nearer smiles…

avoiding fuck-ups
concentrating on my mantra
and butter

watching the window creak
hearing my bread cry…

why is the whirlwind still young
and the dog barking willing
yowling and howling
shaving the beard he’s been growing
for rainbows

Copyright © 2008 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.