“Timbuctoo and Summerflowers”


wooh! sun stems an envion of white flame
an unimsummervault of golden wnd what?
I seemSonnet= showering down H Europe
thrones of the Wesnnocent joy
whose landing-pith of the tearless eyedo
labyrinthine veins renewing
wastelike a golden atmospherall into day heaven
parapetin unknown tongues
the permeating liforn intern wave
youthful unkooded dimummoning
without opinion is only asses
vast circuglories truthhy wingèd thrones
rosy limbith hollow and alternatees
hashflowing philosophers enfold a city
Chryseight of canopy o’ercanressure
redundanborn we die westwind at noontf wake on, my soul
distinctest atom is dead I am any man’s suitoopolis
V =Song= I Divines dead
befoious alchemy
soon yon brilliant Timbuctoo
was raead with clips and skins: the epitaph
thearol moon visible objege music
sousses of the wind translucapt brain
hunpublished drama writtves
Aeyes day and night XX Barbarian settlemen dart
Wide Afric dot he fountainpregnant
anarchy moon =Dualisms= two bees
Chordecision stern experiensapphire deeps?
deep blue rocks stand still portabuzz
distant worlds B argent streets
pearlyties of after
Xand old planets, murmurous planets, wheel teeple built galaxy
lawless comets phantaic calm boundless change
atmospherome, illimitable range opal bearded earth
grated gates Moorus of the second act
black ow apart in intellect aricken Indians
circular abyss bFor and the black owl flings Life
Growemptiness fight day mind
We Cones Of Pel strongancient enemy
honey busiin wheel why! in the planetsment, who will riddle
lord solar thaady sleeping
chrystal flowerbelSans peur et sans
Timbuctoo and summerflowers

Copyright © 2009 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.