“Gold Leaf”


while volunteers & officers
fought within, before & between
their armies
protesters protested, attorneys attested,
I stoned much further away
from the world
into green things
underwater treasures
looking for exceptions
but I haven’t gone this far
into this heated adventure
like you’ve done, friend,
resurfacing, was just an aquarium
on display in black soap gallery
& I felt so sorry
I forgot to occupy your snowy space
but talk no more of territories,
enough of that
important conversation
dizzying inventions
you said free drinks
three glasses
ray & impact – we play
& ask no questions
mouthpiece eastern combo
naked orchids
already seduces
the audience
machines of color
ruined, left finished
I’ll stay underwater,
no matter how small the pool,
let’s build Atlantis there,
gold leaf

Copyright © 2012 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.