3 reinventions


Sky, Oh Sky…

sky, oh sky
old swaying sky
on bamboo flags
fixed vermilion green
am I struck
in black wintertime
am I you
silent from craggy jars
making flashes
that star-hang hummingbirds
them and the river
law will shadow the stream
petals, lost
moods & pines
in curry wash of rain
flute love shade burning
vibrating long away, burning…
your body beneath the path
bowing to the grasses
ugliness & laughter
love the glimmer you walk
another one won’t come

Cherry Tree or Rainbows

cherry tree, oh cherry blossom
scene pine iris red
when winter rainbows
blow you
flapping scattered
harlequin vines wind
& toss
scarlet resting desires
dreams falling cloud long
patient huddle listening
to dead songs
love lit night masks
dusty paper & waves
in city silhouette

Picnic Bubbles

forgetting autumn
grow your thoughts
beyond autumn
frowns on the willow
wine twittering in skirts – the scarlet pilgrims
love parasol? fierce roofs
harmonies on a leaf
drum-tones written & played by
whoever first said
waves are wind
fugitive rose, what it’s like in autumn
I forget: mists,
buds tinkling broken
they’ll spend a deathless spring
in troubled ages that read
“violet weariness of love”
but lovers continue earth picnic
smoking bodies leave fear
a breeze only blows through
great marsh trees
broad fields
brown-blue may moods
silent canes haunt
their long masks
hanging on the rocks

Seed: “Japanese Prints” by John Gould Fletcher
Ambiance: “In die Nacht” by Asmus Tietchens

Copyright © 2012 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.