“TV Leftovers”


We’re all watching magazine covers
Wanna-be luxurious lovers
Feasting on TV leftovers
Dumbly glad
We all pursue same ambitions
Making brand new coalitions
With whoever has the ammunition
Running mad

Is your backyard bulletproof
Is your homeland high aloof
On the winds that blow for war
In the ears of politic whores

Can’t you hear they sing for peace
While you’re sitting here at ease
By your nuclear fireplace
Can you think of a safer place
Can I?

We’re all living online wonders
Big screen news from lands far yonder
Still afraid of midnight thunders
Rolling wild
We’re submissive parts of system
Robbed of all our intuition
Lulled to sleep by chimes so distant
Singing ever so persistent
There’s nothing, no nothing
To worry about

Then why
Do I wanna shout
Yes why
I feel like I wanna shout
I’m not sure what I’ve got to tell you
But this time I’m gonna say it loud

Tired of scraps and TV leftovers
Tired of news-shit, cheap makeovers
Tired of scraps and TV leftovers
I feel like the young are a-taking over
For real

Copyright © 2012 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.