“Always Consider Again”


honor, this cases harmony?
impressed that this thing, universe, the experience,
and its conditions, affectations
aesthetical oscillations
change with hecatombs
of primitive innocence
allowed because of the depths it
springs from: character, divinity, the peaceable
simplicity of moral objects
most sentimental to movement

nothings! languages! poetical eggs!

guilty conscience of genius?
stop, produced in the judgment
of true, whatever is, he makes up originality
directing into, describing the source
of exchange: carried is sense, fielding, drop of bees,
advantage subject, nature in legato artifices
his predecessors, poets of self-love, homage imagination
conceived “he”, the rigid example
of what should have action, grammar feeling:
a con, associated with any epoch
any manners, physically incapable

stimulated life:
simplicity joins lips, attractive circumstances
difficult horses
judgment will be there eternally
modern dry journeys, deities of what’s right

sights! destinies! natures!
natures & excesses!

Copyright © 2012 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.