“Via Alighieri”, a fragment


I was sitting on this European 1950s bed
sick little girl
who wanted
everything, hurt
to occur
everyone, hurt
to be there
dancing with cormorants
running with wild rabbits
listening to the stars…

I wanted a radar
for everything hurt
the hair, the eyes,
the throat, the ears
industrial silence
and star empty music
hurt, too

…I was sitting on this European 1950s bed
wondering if I should use blue for the walls
green for the ceiling
knowing nothing about
needing those other people
people I’ve loved,
like a wall…

intended to go only down
running up for the difference
learning to love
readjusting to
a lucky machine
transparent fish
steam & silos
thinking about those ceramics
I knew nothing of
people I’ve loved
like a wall
collapsing factory grounds

Copyright © 2009 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.