“Steppes Song Surreal”


steppes tattoo
in her eye
brandy-flowers in my side
loose icy drums
the bottles, the snows
shudder the light
won’t let go

palaces warm obeying her touch
died in the little night
islands sleeping under the dog
small in a window July

half-moon hook grasshoppers
pebble boys of spring
baggage noise in the hushed snow
ten thousand vibrant hills

hollow place
a pint of blood
motionless kitchen fire
asbestos boots
on beatnik feet
the hunchback and his lyre

a distant coyote
of our mortality
wheeling through the night alone
winter jade is free

passengers plundering
vague dance town
the pointed flame
crawling back into their brain
dragon’s mouth – the end

Copyright © 2009 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.