“Lost Angeles”


we leave in white
phantom tribes
river lovers
jobless actors
aging models
shouting anger to anger sky
brothers to the storm

while inanimate
relic friends
pass under the moon
still dressed in lanterns
fiction children
strangers to blues

they still have to learn
& decorate their sky
with anger
reward their errors
praise death & mirrors
song & invention
find the majestic care
live up to the standard
of night

we’ve done our job
we’re well beyond
the proven sky
the proven sidewalk
the peripheral death bird
breathing African drums
swallowing Buddha
spitting out planets

nurses to infant steps
the neon crucifix
whores & cops
junk oracle
Lost Angeles too
still seasons hope to get us
walk soothe past

Copyright © 2009 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.