“Semicircles and Constellations”


I sometimes dream of you in the ash of days
Semicircles and constellations
I lose you every time I think of sundown
Bridges, landing on pain, in frustration
In the strength of your realization
In the vacuum of another world
I think we still remain
Half-amiable friends
A very loose connection
High up on the cosmic cord
Way up with the angel’s chord
Semicircles and constellations
Looming in the distant void
Of what you call love

I only find you when the night begins
And super fast trains cancel my stay
Throbbing underneath my feet
I’m changing my rooms
Selling tickets that bleed

I sometimes think of home and it looks like you
Semicircles and constellations
Probably on their way to crystal clear Japan
With words that were never my intention
In the face of mathematic collocations
In the armpit of another train
I think we still remain
Favorite woman and man
In these changing situations
I guess we love bright screens
When the chemical day begins
Semicircles and constellations
Looking through a half-closed lid
Of what you call age

Copyright © 2004 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.