“Red Earth”


Lord is gracious, the red earth said
Stood upright and walked down the sands
It took a turn and it saw the sky
Then it turned left and saw what’s right
And it’s eaten from the Tree
And it got wise
So lord had to put some fog on its eyes
He made it walk, he built the world
Out of one grain of sand and a beautiful word
That’s all it takes… beautiful word
All it takes… a beautiful word
Red earth

I took a clod, I formed the sky
I formed the ocean and the morning star
I’ve crossed equators in a shelter of gold
Been where the nations ebb, rise and fall
And every story, and every man
Was just a figment of some greater plain
And heaven smiled where I placed my foot
I’ve been to Egypt in her days of youth
Her Hanging Gardens, I’ve sketched on breeze
Atlantis cheerful in her destiny
That’s all it takes… one clod
All it takes… red earth

Copyright © 2009 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.