“Actual”, A.J. Kaufmann, 2013.

“planet whispering in relief, though
not without
the weight of human
still drilling the skin
of its tender
perpetual balloon.”

What follows is a suite of poems inspired by Georges Rodi’s “Actual” album. http://www.discogs.com/Georges-Rodi-Actual/release/348633
Once I’ve heard that magnificent release early this year, I’ve decided I just had to write some poetry around it. I used my own organic cut-up technique on this one, and I used various source-texts, though they got so mangled in the process (I had accidentally mixed “core” cut-up texts from 2009, dating back to “Earth Lyre” and “Exile Deutschland!”, with new cut-up creations from 2013), that it’s hard to distinguish the “original” voices I used composing my collage of voices. I’m responsible both for the text and the artwork here, and the artwork is a digitally treated close up of a local graffiti wall, which fits nicely in with the concept of this creation, and what I wanted to speak for and stand for – the diy culture of my childhood.rodi_cover Georges Rodi’s album is a wonder, the electronic synthetic landscapes keep rolling, but they aren’t necessarily landscapes of high-tech cities or sci-fi planets, it’s a feeling close to the desert, to the forbidden zones of the world, so I took the freedom to move back a bit to my 2008 “East-West Train” chapbook for KSE, in terms of creating atmospheres at least… I tried my best to fill this electronic desert with words and spice up the synth bleeps with shamanic magic, soaked with surrealistic shadows. Ready to meet the “sulphuric animals of the moon”? Click “Yes“.