My Work in Bulgarian Translation (by Rositza Pironska)

It is with great pleasure that I noticed three parts of my selected body of work published under the title “Siva in Rags” (“Парцалена Шива”) on this website, translated into Bulgarian by Rositza Pironska:

The first part contains the following poems: Siva in Rags; Nonresistance; Firework Man’s Recollections; The Flowers of Vesuvius; The Street Always Follows the Streetlight; Raincoat; Accidentally Last (the entire “Siva in Rags” chapbook, KSE, 2008); Tar & Feathers Blues; Orange Skies Fade Out (from “Poznan City Gospel”, KSE, 2008).


“губя се
във винаги отворените
за размисъл
върхове на покривите
сливам се с виещата тишина
която ме забавлява
като предсказание”

Here’s the direct link:

The second part consists of Baby M (unpublished); Let’s Draw Us Some Pictures; Where the Blues Kills the Singer (these two from “Poznan City Gospel” again); Opening of the Door; Naropa; The Radiant One; Conclusion of Senses (from “Beyond the Blue Rocks”, KSE, 2008); Zeppelin Blossom Sky (from “Satori in Berlin X-Berg Songs”, KSE, 2009); Verses for You (lyrics).


“А над парка Гьорлиц слънцето никога не залязва
Докато някое момче се учи да свири на китарата си
Старите започват да натъкмяват сцената
Нека и това момче да спечели няколко белега”

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The last part includes the following: Nothing Remains; Milieu (song lyrics); The Ark; Untrue (from “Satori in Berlin X-Berg Songs” again); Monster of Love; Travelers; Sewer Enlightenment; The Interpreter; The Frozen Poor; The Desperate Land (from “Exile Deutschland!”).

“дъждовни облаци
с половин сърце
дъговидни ласки
излекуването чрез мисълта
става навярно
в смирена

Here’s the direct link:

My thanks to Rositza Pironska and everyone at, I am now indebted forever.