“Project Citadel: Five Visions of the Structure”, A.J. Kaufmann, 2013.

art1sm “When good-byes orchestra mastered
pure bop

…this work came to life as further exploration (after “Songs from the Citadel”, 2009, print) of my favorite park/structure in my hometown, The Citadel. On the most sunny days of this summer I used to take my notebook with me and write down whatever came to mind while walking around the park, taking notes of and on everything, people, objects, action, polishing them later at home to the sounds of whatever records I bought for 1 euro that given day. In fact, the whole thing was about structures and objects, timeless, and abandoned places revitalized for whatever purpose by the heads of the city, another product/object/institution and a tourist/business whore at that. You might say this is an “accidental” piece of work, and you may be right, however, there is some sort of magickal order running wild from the opening lines of “Move Your Wings” up to the conclusion of “Katie’s Makeup Mirror”, and things that weren’t planned often appear more enticing, for lovers of adventures in the poetry world, at least – there are also titles of my future poems smuggled between the verses. If you feel like you need to take a trip, or even move your wings, meet the beggars, hobos, lowlifes and highlifes of my city as filtered through the brain of a uncompromising poet, greet the ghost of Artaud haunting the local mental health institution, and see how The Citadel has lost her innocence (always thought of this park as a “she”, but compare these to “Songs from the Citadel”…), you are more than welcome to click on this link. Thank you.