“Koshalin Shanty”, A.J. Kaufmann, 2013.

“…utopian drifters do nothing
drinking orange
from brass goblets
that remember the ancients
who made all this art
but forgot to taste it”

What follows is, at its core, stuff that predates “Vagabond Vacancy” (Kendra Steiner Editions, 2010, source texts dating as far back as 2000) in idea, and I just recently found the courage to read my childhood’s notes again and build a new work on them. Of course, only certain naive sections, which should be easily recognizable, or words and expressions, remained from the small fatigued notebook, and the actual text you’re reading was written last year after my visit to Koszalin, a beautiful Polish city not so far from the Baltic Sea. It was my first visit there in years. As a child I used to go on vacation with my parents and grandparents to a small fishermen’s village in the Koszalin province, and those who have read my recent interview for Outro know I started writing at a very early age, so there I was, writing nursery rhymes about my grandma, or animals, or plants or sun, or the beach, people and things I particularly loved. It was a very warm time, and I remember it well, despite the fact that unfortunately, a bit later, drugs and alcohol took hold and the dream was gone, which is somehow reflected in this selection, especially in the “older”, more “bitter” parts of the text, that come perhaps from the observer of the “child within” these suite of words, cause I dare not call them poems, or put them in the same league as “Siva in Rags” or “Broke Nuptial Minds”, which were definitely bold, post-surreal, experimental collections. But these are things that are the hardest to write about, things most funny “poets” consider “funny”, “amusing”, or “childish”, so even if this modest selection is not bold, post-surreal, or experimental, it is certainly on many levels and undercurrents the bravest (or the most foolish) thing I’ve ever done – either way, please do enjoy. And don’t forget about that beautiful “Lord of the Ages” album.