“Café Zapata”

Berlin, the winter of 2004.

Got lost in the streets, I thought I knew so well
Carried by the Orient and familiar rotten smells
Flyers stuck to eyes, hands deep in my pockets
Wishing for a lucky star, getting cold war rockets

Anything I please
In the distant freeze
I just need a table
At Zapata
Anything I want
In the frosty dawn
I just need some wine
At Zapata

Carry me forever lost, love it this old way
Show me pictures of distress, agony and pain
Worth it for the birds alone, how they chipper lie
Try to cast them all away, you can hear their voice inside

Anything that smiles
I just need a while
Peace and relaxation
At Zapata
Anything I want
A bright humanless dawn
I need some time alone
At Zapata

Anything that lasts
I think I’ll have a blast
‘Til all the screens are smashed
At Zapata
Anything I want
Far from bright suburban zones
Is a pin-up girl and Stones
At Zapata

Copyright © 2004 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.