“Bungalow No. 3”, A.J. Kaufmann, 2013.

“You gratefully offer bum radio magic
resistance code-poem charms
to other distant, blazed, army green skyways
which remain the first sky of our birth
the last sky over Earth sister’s tired
still dirt-painted thighs
for fire water”

This small collection of poems dates back to 2008 and is mostly composed of stuff written between “Siva in Rags” and “East-West Train”. Original poems have been massively re-edited for the purpose of this selection. I’m still amazed at how my mind actually worked back then, not necessarily in a positive way. Looking back 5 years can be a mind-boggling experience and I actually begin to wonder what was it all about back then, and who I, and some of the people championing my stuff, were. I guess the poetry world has moved on so quickly and demands such quality, that probably at the moment such sketches wouldn’t be considered good enough even for a blogzine, even in their “improved”, re-edited form. So here they are now, for everyone to enjoy. For those who know who I am and where I’m coming from in the first place… love always.