“Stanomino Blues”, A.J. Kaufmann, 2013.

sblues2 “Bubblegum suite
No 13th floor, no nothing
Toothless howlers of blues
Pearls of her reach, growing and young

Endless moons of touch
Her hips revealed
She is more than this village
The lonely church”

This little poem is my gift for the holiday season. These are lines written while I was at rehab, back in 2009. They are probably interesting only for that reason. However, I like some of the ideas and images, and I could surely use them in the future, in better poems. Think of it as a sketch, clusters of a mind putting itself together again after being shattered by too many illegal substances to mention. This is the first of many sober poems I wrote since that time. I’m not particularly proud of this one – as I said before, it’s rather weak. But it’s an interesting document and lesson on what not to do with your life. Of course, no one is forced to listen or learn from the mad, drunk and stoned (or ones who ever were). Please be kind to this poem, just like I am kind enough to share it in time for the holiday season, probably to (well deserved) critique and (not deserved, but common) ridicule. 2013 is the most beautiful year in my life, and it ends soon… so here’s to 2014, with hope it will be as beautiful and inspiring for all the readers of the blog as 2013 was for its author. Enjoy the snow with a click.