“Angel Gone Cutting Up My Breakfast at 1 A.M.”


angel gone
dim steady skin, continued
window and time
across the ears of powerless
people, forget continued
shaft of true moods
distant in some chronometer’s searching hall
north flame burning
its result
cosmic say saw
from under
the blaze back increased
to roof touch been
in eyes resounding
was there one

we look scythed now
fatigue, broad, a relief in alien south
all had sharply left: exit
long to window
we, the necks jammed there
lighters heartbeats all we got
please was
thought rents
hall angel
up the enemy scream
thrust back
yell line lower, humans
opened lay new tightly knotted continent
destroying city hordes
was/ere surge of form
shall form laughter
sudden sign fire
echeloned ranks
for followed means not planning pressed
the above
swaying plains
the folly
fled thousands thought
cobwebs cowboys fiercer

get mouth
is sentence easily
the was look
its own questions raised
draining explosives
ray lush spleen
the by then position
outreached was/ere reports asked blasts
from gay
parking boy
but queerly
continuous in the ever circling vents
of friendliness of its
bud towers
crashed hanging being
to the sea’s nozzle
merest not

Copyright © 2014 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.