“Flower’s Song (Take One)”

Speaking of love
you came to a wall
found only fences
singing of hope
clouds worry you today
just watch them glide away

You should’ve known that these borders are illusive
the names & the faces we wear
these totems are obtrusive
we forget the taste

Will it come anew
in the flower’s truth?

In search of a value
in a valueless charade
in search of permanence
in dementia thin arcade

Will you dance anew
in the flower’s view?

You should’ve known that words are slick intruders
when they serve merely purposes of thrones
facts follows close in the shadows of impostors
a million years of sleep
in the waiting room of chords

A murky proof of your own imagination
one permanent wave in the oceans of return

Save your ghost
in the fish lens of the morn
savor your death
in a savorless cliché
have you noticed
the dawn?

Virgin brain exploding in epiphany’s confusion
restless at the border of your private prophet den
you should’ve noticed that the path your heart is using
is just pieces of nostalgia mutual to all men

Served as you
in the flower’s view

Copyright © 2014 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.