“The Museum Countenance”


dog leash hydrant sunshine
beam of asphalt wisdom
seeing Christ face in this great cloud there
whatever winters your face
whatever opiates me
note after note, night after
night daybreak sleepwalk
I couldn’t care less
and call these corners “honey”
language without time
symbols without backgrounds
ghosts dancing
on Valium
filmed from soapy windows
unconscious poor angel beings
on platforms, expecting horizons
twixt stations, emperor
whimsical beginnings
smiling mellow smiles
a sum of simple-minded lifetimes
focused on the perfect
shot erected scene steel
makes my evenings interesting
diplomatic curators of vision
slowly lose the journey
in sympathetic clouds of
forbidden districts
roaming with
beasts of museum countenance

Copyright © 2014 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.