From our Friend in Los Angeles

Säure Adler

I don’t know how I met, or in the 21st Century manner of introductions became Cyber-Friends with Adam Jan Kaufmann, as he is primarily working out of Poznan, Poland or Berlin and I, in Los Angeles, California (I believe it was through the underground indie poetry Illuminati but whatever conspiracies I am willing to accept), almost instantly I clicked with the verses and snippets of songs, and sometimes full songs he would post religiously, as music is indeed his religion. For about a year he’d post songs I loved or would grow to love, but most especially his own work. Unlike Rock N Rollers of whom I’ve known too many in the U.S. of A, A.J. knew his Rimbaud, his jazz, blues and beatnik roots, and what really brings poetry and Rock N Roll into its greatest unholy union of mediums. We both mourned the death of Lou Reed together…

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