“Sarah’s Ceremony”

Her body – Jewish, perfect
smells of death in the river
Indian beads, dead tulips
larks in gore
satin the fire
licking their tongues
working the magic all-nighter
listening to Monk
as the wind dances by

aluminum resonating oceans
crawling out to the shore – brilliant
bathed in the lunar lighthouse
a klezmer band improvising “Sara”
in lounges of sand, on chimneys high
her hoarfrost windows
come to bejewel
song vessel

a ceremony

the stripper’s awake in my curves
one flake in her eye
the other caressing
what’s left of my skin
melting, tracing her trails
acting out trial & mercy
to make me happy
in this or another

praising the beauty
of anonymous sundown:
knowledge – mute understanding
by Sarah’s undemanding side
dependent on the stars
& like these stars eternal

eternally unsigned

Copyright © 2014 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.