“Unbreakable Spirit”

He who lives in Getz’s solo
broken colored glass
half-broken windowpanes
tangled sorely in a ball of
surgical threads

he who sleeps w/ Verlaine
breathing underwater
nourished by the sun’s afterglow

he who speaks w/ mice
singing pavement cantatas
w/ a tail

he who walks
the city tops
trawling under its puddles
of resignation
as in the daily breeze

he who confronts the shadow
in smoky cabaret
in the red light
of cancan

he who never sleeps
& never changes rags
looking everywhere
where refusal can lurk
call & response

he who copulates w/ angels
to trade them later
w/ demons
for a handful of

he who never dies
& never really lived
he who calculates maneuvers
of self-destruction

he who knows
& feeds supreme
pigeons of rhythm
burping loudly

he who lost everything
he to whom Buddha
looks up to

Copyright © 2014 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.