“My Angel and Me”

Bright city nights
Here they come again
Taking me back
To where and when
My angel and me
Met first in the rain
We walked thru the streets
Of gargantuan pain

And we were alone
In our will to be free
I had nothing but hate
You had nothing but me
My angel you’ll learn
That there’s no return
From the days of stone
That will never burn

You’re letting me drown
In subconscious streams
Into midnight moons
Full of love and dreams
My angel you’ll see
I’m no easy prey
Perverted as you
Made of twisted clay

We’ll have everything
Nights of mad surprise
Nude nocturnal truth
And all daytime lies
My angel you’ll love
All the joy it brings
Just undress your soul
And disown your wings

Copyright © 2013 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.