“MMM: Electronic Music Guidelines”


great gray tunnel boring
machine spooning the gorge deer
with a human face mechanized
beach hole in the ground
filled with water we are in
it difficult to identify
feeding underground technique
which nobody
knows factory hall hover
in the air broken
windows artificial smiling slut
for chips high
bunker melting machine
recyclable people urns
for people great, greedy, metal dick
coring living room with good
lighting full of
corpses mental photosynthesis tunnel
cross our brain electric stream
of information barred
price second (road) superstructure anti-
divine comparing humans
& animals three tubes conglomerate
oceanic occupation quote: “you want to talk about words? it’s pay
$50 you want to be able? – be rich” valued the
land of income monocultural uni
mechanical guide under the pier
keeps building
higher, profounder power of
mind & prohibition of creative
activity unification of mass
es plasma
skin unexplored regions of earth
there waiting for
destruction metal statues
performing work dynamic
prophets of fear we
are different other means
worse zero
values times of original beauty
in mass eternal
old age
life so long it bores you to
vomit billions of times
one well-paid activity
death amplifiers thoughts

Copyright © 2014 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.