„Medieval Blondes #3 & 39”

something else / heroes gods for glimpse
for keeps
learning shapes your times
a dwarf beginning
flowing smiles from night you might
lay learn xenochrony
flying on my tooth
promoting will of time

we don’t need fools / working up old movies
keeping hanging sword ventilators
weirdest cheap tricks
but she’s his music
was not gossip, go!
betray me caught on unlucky

whoever, dude
but now
don’t drive with her
keep the jive
sail me a coat around
show me your scripts
to limitless borders
we’re both jazz fingers
just that you’re dead

please remember you’re into the outside
of her love

streetlight smiles bangs telling of censored soldiers are bones sing scream through:
maim me all night

Copyright © 2015 by A.J. Kaufmann. All rights reserved.