Here I am, working on the “Hall of the Menthol Chill”…

…which will be my 4th proper album.

The title is humorous of course, but my respect for Hawkwind is serious ever since I can remember, so this title is a homage of sorts to the Assassins Of Silence.

basshallPlease expect another album in the vein of “Stoned Gypsy Wanderer”, only a bit more trippy and lo-fi, if that’s even possible.

Apart from the usual inspirations from the world of literature and music, old sci-fi cinema plays a big part in this. New romantic is here in spirit as well, and I currently write lyrics inspired by such imagery.

Right now I’m working on a bass-based instrumental track called “In the Dust of the Stars”,
and a folk number called “Balalaika”, which, in its demo stage, sounds just like SGW’s “Berger”.

Here’s some movie background:

As “Kaufi” is the next new thing, which will see the light of day May 9 2015, “Hall” should be finished by the end of 2015, and released early 2016. In the meantime, I will flood you all with the usual noise, and occasional beauty, of course. There’s currently a €2 sale on everything except my 2 physical albums at
so please enjoy!

I have also joined BitTorrent Bundle. I find the idea fascinating:

With love,