“Kaufi” out now.

Third proper album by “the Polish icon of lo-fi songwriting”.

“This psychedelic folk/rock is the kind of typhoon turbulence that takes down Jefferson Airplanes. Makes Jerry Garcia truly Gratefully Dead. It’s the kind of street poetry that closes all The Doors and shuts down Love Street like New Orleans for Mardi Gras. A.J. is like Allen Ginsberg with a fetish for sound instead of young boys. A.J. is just hitting his stride, though he has more albums, side projects, noise projects and books of stunning poetry than it becomes almost incomprehensible for an artist to be so prolific. It’s also almost impossible for another artist to not be envious and seek Cocteau’s Blood of the Poet. A.J. has managed to make Krautrock, a form of music virtually alien in the United States very accessible with his work with his band Sauer Adler, but now he is back to his original form of the simplicity of guitar and vocals, which I can’t help but believe is his most natural animal.”
(Mike Brennan, Los Angeles)

For fans of Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, MC5, Captain Beefheart…

“I know that the direction of music is in the hands of a cheap guitar and a laptop and a head that doesn’t put down a pencil, and it will beat anything that America will ever give a Grammy or other bullshit award to. The future is here, you just have to open your ears.”
(Mike Brennan, Los Angeles)

released 16 March 2015

Kaufi: everything, anything & nothing.
Justin Jackley: artwork.