Dedicated To You, But You Weren’t Reading


Is the war / began or is it just
Jupiter / swept us over the head
the alleged bass god, or people finally heard the original, passing
on the street
plankton concrete
last summer weeds juices digest
clinics and office buildings – those who provide assistance, they need it most
they listen to the wrong wave
they climb the wrong mountain
once belonging to featherheaded pearls
sink into selfthought prescriptions
fortunately for panic paleskin
chained to machines – tom-toms

I play as all
at the same time – I do not recognize borders / material
and the last time I was here, in June
I remember some flowers
the cities there was nothing
but build new, not
the sun, as in the past – and the stars
hang over another head, but fish scales
hand remember continents
once broken up, now occupied
and wherever there is a war
squandered / the flick
fingers lives, we land here and now
developer wars look – you
eyes yesterday’s savior – maybe
you have – those eyes – I will keep the soul
on antisocial patrol, and so
I scalp the tissue of your Nietzschean superman