We stood early against a blank horizon
Feeling new dawn, jazzy cool and blue
Our souls were pleasant vacuum
Tired faces adored the seamless view
Severe glad
I once had it
I once knew
Picture perfect ways of you

Where’s this trace now
You thought you captured
Where’s the essence of her heart
Where’s the flavor of long yesterdays
Where’s the rumor
Where’s your dart

Playing harlequin to madness
Seems you’re liking your new role
Throw your dart now, mark your cards now
While she’s swirling on her pole

If you’re ever returning to her
After all your world experience
Say nothing really mattered to you then
You just wanted bodies to sin there

And rise above dead sunless heavens
Where tribal drums call silently
For your bodies, aching bags of
What was once vanilla dreams
Sleeping long
Hurts so bad
When it’s gone
And experience
Now the master
Sings its filthy joker songs

Sunless, mindless, perfectly ours now
Senseless, traceless, our hands and dirty minds
Sunless, starless, perfectly early night
Stainless, careless, perfectly venom thigh