Thinking of Dean Reed – notebook scraps 1/

first trip wrapped in newspapers
like a hard-boiled egg
dipped in tea forever… forever… warm, efficient noise
black iron door
of Cherniy Voron
passing through my heart
to the beat of
a James Brown hotel
Eastern Bloc block
still current
spilling orange delicatessen:
secret sets of a friendly
snow changed hands and stations
she did for me, what I to Moscow winters
and caviar… caviar… peeling, reeling
through vodka-haired chic bartender
serving far subway
silent East Berlin:
it blew white china
leaves, the
chandelier Gorky and Lenin
swinging to Colorado rhythms
subterranean splendors
what’s art what’s not
and what he’ll record
on our

Dusk Lichtenberg megaphone shrill
Rundfunk der DDR
& the DFF repeat
„Dean Reed is dead”
all legends
end up face down/or up
in the swimming pool
think of Brian Jones – now wasn’t he
your brother?
think of the Party
didn’t you love it?
& what really happened
in the collective mind
legends will repeat
& what really happened
people often

at A l e x a n d e r p l a t z, he imagines the footuristic samba
rhythmicated to space age conquer
moontroops, currently spinning in cubes
of livingrooms; and
looking at F e r n s e h t u r m
spy movie rockethe’s
it’ll elevate his music
way above E l v i s’
love croon
and A r m s t r o n g’s shy steps on the M o o n.

Sinatra in S c h m ö c k w i t z
sunrises at T r e p t o w e r P a r k
must have been
even if
political persons
are good for
and his „Together”
was different
from Jane’s
though the song is really
both sides
of the red jacket bird
no plastic soldier
cracked open
but paper airplanes flew
scene nights strange for
quiet lives
drag lone strippers
& midnight
thru inpresence
and you’re right to follow that dream
to the Village
and Chelsea Hotel
and she’s your
name of the song
whatever it is
that you’re
sit on the sofa, relax
you’ll hear it a million
times; just practicing
on a rebel winged
the backing track’s
get oranges, Christmas