Both “Zehlendorf Notebooks” now for your reading pleasure!

znIt is no mystery that back in 2004 A.J. Kaufmann stayed for a while at the House of a well-known and respected German artist, Mr. Johann Gottlob von Wrochem. It is through his Library, that the young Mr. Kaufmann got first introduced to James Joyce, Irving Layton, Charles Baudelaire, and other writers essential to shaping the future style of A.J.’s own writing, if, indeed, any writing can be called your “own” (hats off to Brion Gysin). A.J. kept the Zehlendorf notebooks for 10 years, adding/removing various notes as time moved on.

These writings are of no great quality, or importance, but nostalgic one.

“I don’t like nostalgia unless it’s mine.” – Lou Reed

In the PDF files we can find A.J. own attempts at poetry, lines copied from various Canadian poetry anthologies (or Junky, or Finnegans Wake) and put together in new order (to shape imaginary song lyrics), some black metal lyrics (oh yes!), some anarcho-punk chaos, some hints at the future beauty explored for example in “Satori in Berlin”, lots of dada absurd, lots of magic, ideas for future songs (A.J. recorded “Strangers Again” for 2015’s “Psych Me Noir), some politics (but not too much, as A.J. loathes them), and tales of Love in Golden Stockings, which must have occurred since it was in Berlin where A.J. bought his first Miles Davis and Sun Ra CDs. We can also trace the beginnings of A.J.’s growing love for Robert Calvert and the whole sci-fi poetry thing in tales of space age secret agents and such.

Both PDF files cost €2.90.
If you grabbed A.J.’s earlier chapbooks, for example those published by Kendra Steiner Editions, or Virgogray Press, you might find these files interesting, or even eye-opening. If not, it’s best you keep away.

“Jewel that I thought I’ve seen before
Eye of night I’ve stumbled upon first
Should belong to me, but coward’s side
Triumphed again
Triumphed against my will

Night begins
Now the night begins
Coward flees
Now the coward flees

Death is just a pleasant winter kiss
Death or this tomorrow on your knees”