“You Had Acid, We Had Communism” now for your reading pleasure!


A.J. Kaufmann’s punk notes/lyrics dating back to the time he spent living in Polish high rise as a teenager dreaming about playing bass (he still does, old fool), influenced by what was popular among Polish “alternative” teens back then. These texts work best when put together with “Vagabond Vacancy” (Kendra Steiner Editions, 2010), a collection of punk poetry inspired by Flipper, Wire, Pere Ubu, Alternative TV, etc., dedicated to the memory of Darby Crash. Of course, back when A.J. was a kid, the Polish teens’ favorite idol was Sid Vicious rather than Darby. It was his posters that were found in every punk rock kid room, along with those of the Ramones, and lots of copied cassettes of course. A.J.’s first Sex Pistols tape he actually bought was “Filthy Lucre Live” – earlier he had only what he copied from older friend’s tapes or recorded from a local radio late at night. Punk rock records were financially out of reach, though A.J. once borrowed the original American pressing of Iggy & The Stooges’ “Raw Power” from a friend who ran a tiny record store. He was allowed to keep it for a week. He had to pay half the price upon returning the LP, cause he wore it out a bit. Believe it or not, Internet existed back then (A.J. is still quite young for an old fool), but it wasn’t that important when you were a poor kid enjoying love, music and poetry. No drugs were necessary – communism hits your head much harder, and lifts you much higher than acid. Enjoy.

“so here you are
wearing my new clothes
pressing my new scent
live in my new home
stretch on my porch
kick my bones round
city bore
shining highway bound”