“Songs The Frenchman Wrote” now for your reading pleasure!

cover“Songs The Frenchman Wrote” is a selection of 65 song lyrics written in France and Poland back in 2009. When A.J. moved out of his Kreuzberg apartment, he started experimenting both with cut-ups, and new songs, living between Paris and Poznan. Most of the new songs were demoed that year, and released later on the “Dada Folk” series of digital albums, still available on http://ajkaufmann.bandcamp.com. None of the lyrics included here were used however, and most of them still remained unfinished until 2014. They are presented here unedited, and in full, with the exception of those re-edited in 2014.

Pirate winter radio
milky fingers
paper whores
cruel sunsets
pave New York
in blood
dead cow’s sky
linens of youth
scribble the bribe
arms in chains
feet still free
running in spades
against the night
Lorca one
Andalusia none
Lorca one
Andalusia none…”

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