Cruel cold light that whips the ceiling
From the doctor’s face it’s peeling
Cutting out redundant moods and dreams
Nice and clean

Neon tubes encased in rubber
What remains will feed the gutter
Eyeballs served on plates of human tongues
What went wrong

Scent of fear on leather strap bed
Scalpel in an open shaved head
Angel monkey human death sweat zone
It turns you on

Operation’s moving quickly
Patient’s face is grinning sickly
Side-effects of drugs we stuffed her with
Before the slit

Tiles white reflecting blood streams
Please make sure the patient can’t scream
Such a noise could drive the nurse insane
Increase the pain

Lie there still and we’ll work you neatly
Kiss you with our tools so sweetly
Blow the dust off the caverns of your brain
You’ll thank us again

Feel the shocks the nurses served you
Thank them for the life they gave you
Otherwise you’d just collapse and crawl
And begged them to go

Lamps are shivering calmly, lightly
Hands emerging from the dark fields
In your skull there’s something screaming still
Against your will

Doctor’s blade cuts in perfectly
All your flaws will be corrected
You were born so accidentally cruel
It makes you drool

Wait until your dreams will wake you
Sounds of whispering air will shake you
Vile rhythms of the corpse machine
Loud and mean

Sleep denial, nine more hours
Constant lash of freezing showers
Gas tubes glow and the patient is awake
The doctor waits

Tiny red lights scan her fish eyes
Our patient’s close to delight
She’ll survive the tightness of our kiss
The nurse’s lips

Cut-up faces crowd the hallways
High hat strangers storm the doorways
She’s quite sure she’s seen this scene before
Behind the wall

High heeled footsteps sound so friendly
Bright corridors taste like candy
We’ll receive the wish you’re sending out
No need to shout

Seems the patient is now stable
Let’s untie her from the table
She will never walk or smell the same
Remove the stain

In her room no light will sting her
There’s a number on her finger
In the void bright demons linger on
Lobotomy dawn

The nurse’s hands are always right
The nurse’s hands are always white