“Chai Machine”

Golden rainbows of stratosphere ladies
Grow so serene
While I travel time in meadows of my chai machine
No prison land, under lord’s hand
Only names of celestial truth
Silence to be filled with song anew

Broken benches of winter faces
Smell like life in sure vibrations of another woman
Another man inside her ocean-like spurs
Fatal traces of the moon… ask me where I’ve been
with my chai machine
No secret can be told
I smell of flowers in rebirth
Divine kings in bloom and gold

In reality – I’m sitting at a simple table
With a simple orange cup
Learning how to live thru your shame
Being only what I am
Being only what you’ve got

In reality – I’m chasing running coals
Way down the novice hole
Playing up occult cards again
Out again
With my own holy smoke
Does that rhyme with joke
I hope it does, round here it’s harder when
The chai machine with me on board
Is landing, taking places of your men
Leaving spaceheads here again
Do you understand…
My chai machine