by Adam Jan Kaufmann.

Long lonely streets
Wise girls and angels
Passing in the dark
Sharing pain and danger
Meeting me again
Wanting me again
Everything I do just puts me
Closer to the rain

Dim lantern lights
Showing me your home
Strangers and the price
Dealers and the love
Strangling me again
Bruising me again
Everything I do defines
Everything I am

Prisoners to the moon
Orchestra of losers
Weak men and the night
Why they dare to choose her
Turning them again
Burning them again
Everything they do exists
Behind my windowpane

I force myself to look
Force my eyes to see
What we choose as life
Why we’re never free
Deeper into darkness
Falling without end
Don’t you need a man sometimes
Don’t you need a friend

Singing to my girl
Walking next to me
On a winter night of pale
Uncertain ecstasy
Leaving all the clowns
She wants to be with me
While weak ones, girls and angels, strangers
Drown infinitely