“Quick Death”

by Adam Jan Kaufmann.

Someone stop me before I sleep forever
Someone stop me before I leave into night
Someone stop me, the clouds are whispering my name
Someone stop me, the scavenger moon shines bright

Quick death sails with the moonlight
Quick death is smooth ocean shore
Quick death is all childhood’s dreams
Quick death is perfection of soul

Someone stop me, I’m losing the last bits of consciousness
Someone stop me, my heart is craving for dawn
Someone stop me, my soul is drowning my body
Someone stop me, I think I’m returning home

Quick death sails in your backyard
Quick death is lights of your town
Quick death is dawn on the coastline
Quick death is innocence found

Someone stop me before I ease my senses
Someone stop me, the anesthetic drift
Someone stop me, the obituary lanterns
Someone stop me, I think I’ve gone too fast, too deep

Quick death sails with the lanterns
Quick death, your beloved’s face
Quick death is tears of the horizon
Quick death is the absence of place

May I go, wish I’d go
May I finally see the end
With these eyes, wanton eyes
Feel it with my hands
Quick death

May I go, would you go
With me down spirals of birth
We’d return, we’d return
On the other side of this myth
Quick death