“Anarchy Moon”

by Adam Jan Kaufmann.

Everything is music
Circles are repeating
Winners will be losers
Side streets will be spitting
On us
When we’re dust
In rags
The form with pain
You’ll win the game

Star music will be falling on our heads
Void logic will be following our tracks
We’ll be rhyming to the cheap and rotten beat
We’ll be drumming to the city like a dog in heat
We’ll be free
We’ll be sick
Like the moon

Everything’s abandoned
Graffiti gallery
The idiot face of sun
Is looking down on me
And nothing
No one is free
You cannot ever leave
This waiting room of time
Stations change and truth unwinds
The fool
Anarchy moon

Anarchy moon was my only guide
I had no parents and I had no life
Now I’m the only pawn that stands
I’m halfway house, just grab my hands
We’ll jump on one and never cry
For those who still are living lies
Star music will be kissing us
It’ll put us on a run off bus
And we’ll dance
Like we had a chance