“I Forgot”

by Adam Jan Kaufmann.

I’m thinking of the sea and sand
Sitting on my carpet, facing west
Pleasing all the lovers I met along the road
I forgot how to do my best

I forgot how to turn my back
I forgot how to twist the truth
I forgot how to be myself
I forgot how high I price my youth

I’m thinking of a kite and a balloon
Wishing I could fly, crystal clear
Just to stroke the surface of the moon
And then so quietly disappear

Like a ghost, without a sound
Like a guest from a solitary world
Like a leaf forever carried down
Wish I could but I simply forgot

I forgot how to please my senses
I forgot how to use my mind
I forgot how to dance on my tomb
I forgot how to nullify my time

I’m thinking now of anything that’s smaller
Than a drop of water, grain of sand
It’s complete and it contains everything
Said between a woman and a man

I forgot how to talk to you baby
I forgot how to write you a song
I forgot how to love you without anger
I forgot how I spent my time all wrong

Now I’m thinking of your body and the river
Wishing that tomorrow I can find
Better ways to tell you what I’m feeling
When all of this is leaving me behind