“Battlefields of Love”

Why aren’t you dancing and why are you sad
Why aren’t you looking at the roses I bled
I’ve been wandering always towards your soul
I’ve been tortured by beauty
And light of your world
I’ve been lost

Why aren’t you laughing, the joke has been told
What the angels have gathered
The devil takes hold of
But please don’t surrender
And please don’t move back
We’ve been through too much
It’s our turn to strike back
At the world

Why aren’t you losing, you still can’t be beat
And what brings you down puts you back on your feet
It’s a hopeless adventure on a road full of thorns
And a fistful of nightmare
That still can’t be born
To the world

From Berlin to Warsaw a line has been drawn
Of lovers forsaken in the gray autumn dawn
I was one of those lovers
I was standing in line
As we marched through the cities
In the legendary time
Till we won

So listen now carefully, listen to me
An army of lovers can never be beat
And the forces behind them
Are forces too great
For your chains to imprison
Or your prisons to break
Their laws