Wax Hurricanes

Wax Hurricanes

Weathercock century
collision mistress accept
sweet land moment
for melted farmers
of scat misfortunate void
hiding death’s hearth
in mood pockets
casting moving perfidious dinners
their melting bullets of karma
dropping glass
psalms on head land love
murder new play’s apex
blast pines bending

intoxication town
struggling with ropes of horizons
drunken chewing gum summer

drooling clock of loons
voyage us up
and kiss them
the world
morning edge in fast forward silence
pitch curl clicks of answers
point blank districts on voice peninsula
stripping cliffs
and old tribes chanting

in their blew corners was word
church apples along the current
crashing hats
pursuing breath
heartless singles in the dressing room
magnum dancing
dark on – driving engine street
zigzagged palms rock
spray folk and canvas streamed
interpretation of a tropical raindrop
in semicircle winds revolving life’s pages
or ghosts of ships
wax hurricanes
on two crust lanterns