2 new poems

Dial x for diagram

I sing for
dial x

unsweetened part baked beach bum
sends cryptograms to settle
shell for memory
eyes for submarines
added time
wide aghast

stream the noct mechanisms
heavy up your skeletons

glass hours on Venus
mellow signals from
the Moon
blur voice
part science piece brain

orange grove
for rebus holey stomach
megaton heart
for junked on psych rares
on youtube

whose heels click last

lowborn gang boy / nod nymphet
fragmentary time
dial x for diagram

So Lotion

haunting the sky
little ghost in a shell
dayglo muesli girl walks by
you haven’t had lunch in 5 or 6 days
the long worn shadow home
in a bracelet cup

morning got soaked in that gasoline smell
of a rigorous night
we’re all on ourselves, that’s life beyond time
glam of handrails follows me
down neonic moon
everything tastes like cardboard or piss
spaceport to sunrise we are all cheap
the weatherman’s phony so blame it on him
fry doom

flaxen product of her hair
takes you up
& you lift off
climate’s gone crazy but nobody cares
totalize the unclimbed croon
of love
into sand zone
& moss

buses and borders sunk in from the rain
so lotion
asbestos cuddly toy
taking me out to dark clubs on the 9th
that a boy
dead hog cops patrolling the streets
so fashion
what a joy