“Calico Eyes”

Calico Eyes

She’s time, hollow matter, lord’s hair
cool written deaf December
her fingers played a recent cloud’s
bass strings
bum-poets flat
fever accents

on sound islands jazz dub
she’s one, eating eggs at
a.m. hemisphere
violin wave veil
she paints sun

shut up, paint sun on a
men in a Mercedes, night nectar
wake war lies

river wakes up too long after moonset
the first unfolded singer
rewriting her balcony’s color

a little world (untranslatable, concealing) ran dashing
to peace s
lowly with Ulysses’
French laughter
another mountain down

superstore pensive moon
shines on consternation’s ups
where Prozac birds mildly X-ray the earth
in dwarfed deservedness

uncle empty glass says sister,
hide your calico eyes;
light cascade,
pawn your last mistake.