“Escape From Hekate”, by Adam Jan, Gerpfast Kolektif Malang, Indonesia

a4292282866_10“This brand new album, „Escape from Hekate”, recorded especially for Gerpfast Kolektif, is noise guitar effects, old scratched vinyl records, and a laptop, dedicated to transmitting the bleak, vacant, and cold concrete high rise atmospheres of Poznan, Poland, and outer space felt from the block’s roof on a bad acid trip. Hekate is not only a star, and myth, but also a vast high rise block from which there is seemingly no escape for the dweller. At first you will be going starless in the night, devoid of life and light, lost in reflected darkness, but finally you will find yourself reborn in the mother cell, to start another life cycle. Inspired by Kluster, early Tangerine Dream, William S. Burroughs, and art-punk, this release sees Adam Jan at his most extreme to date.”